Short case study #01

Dr James Sheehan
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr James Sheehan describes his twelve month encounter with the then Dr John Charnley (later to be Sir John) at Wrightington Hospital near Wigan, UK as the changing point in his career.
Sir John had a small workshop in his garden where he locked himself away and fashioned new tools and gadgets for orthopaedic surgery leading to the ground breaking development of the “Charnley Hip” in 1966.
After of almost a year of intensive training Dr Sheehan realised how little could be done for other diseased joints and how poor was his understanding of the necessary mechanical and engineering principals.
At that time two universities in the British Isles had engaged with the newly emerging science of bio-engineering. A fusion of the disciplines of biology and engineering.
Mr Sheehan studied biomechanics at the University of Surrey at Guilford under the direction of Professor Zarek a world expert and enthusiast in progressing the fusion of these two disciplines.
During this formative year Mr Sheehan embarked on the design of an artificial knee which was subsequently introduced into clinical practice in 1971

Creativity generally involves crossing the boundaries of domains which are sometimes connected by adjacent areas of knowledge

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