Thursday, 15 March 2012

Improbable Frequency set design

A visit to see Rough Magic’s production of “Improbable Frequency at the Gaiety Theatre is a must for students of Scenography (Set Design), Lighting Design and Costume Design. Alan Farquharson’s versatile and imaginative set design not only enhances the presentation of the production by at times some of the projected imagery appears to be choreographed to engage with the performance. 
The same use of projected scenic elements is a good example of how digital imagery (in the hands of a competent and capable designer) can be integrated effectively and cohesively into the overall composition of the visual presentation, adding additional visual meaning to the unfolding presentation of the performance. 
The costumes, designed by Kathy Strachan not only bring colour and personality to the characters but gives them additional stage presence and a visual movement to their performance. The costumes and make-up enlarge the presence of the characters 

The collaboration between the Set Designer “Alan Farquharson”, Lighting Designer “Sinead McKenna”, Costume Designer “Kathy Scrachan” and the Director “Lynn Parker” is evident in the production’s animated, cohesive and visually stimulating presentation.  
It is a very enjoyable production; the writing is cleverly and well crafted. The performances are captivating and energetic. , the delivery, timing and cadence and diction of the gifted cast in concert with the musicians add so much to the enjoyment of the show. 
Enjoy the show and see if you agree with me. Thanks to Rough Magic for the images. 
“Improbable Frequency” Alan Farquharson

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Plaza Suite

I had a very enjoyable night out on Thursday last 1st of March at Rough Magic’s production of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite at the Gaiety Theatre
The performance and presentation was a testament to the quality of Rough Magic’s SEEDS programme for development of new theatre artists. 

acquitted herself reasonably well in devising an appropriate setting to evoke a supportive visual ambiance and atmosphere to the production. Bearing in mind that this was a travelling set having been designed for transport around the country and setting up on stages of varying size in Cork, Waterford, Ennis, Tralee, Bray, Portlaoise, Letterkenny and Longford  there were no distracting joins visible to the audience. Blaithin also designed the costumes. The resetting of the dressing props and hand props by the choreographed and costumed stage crew during the interval was well done and maintained the theatrical illusion. Equally important to creating the appropriate visual ambiance and atmosphere was Lighting Designer Sarah Jane Shiels’ contribution.
Already I am looking forward to Rough Magic’s next production “Improbable Frequency” and Alan Farquharson’s fascinating set for it.
Showing from: March 13th, to 24th 2012

Patrick M