Quotes & notes on Creative Process

How creative are you?

1.     Do you have a curious mind and ask a lot of questions?
2.     Are you open to new experiences?
3.     Do you like to take risks?
4.     Do you carry a notebook to jot down bursts of inspiration?
5.     Do you daydream?
6.     If at first you don’t succeed, are you willing to try again, try again?
7.     Do you have a rebellious spirit?
8.     Do you catch yourself thinking, “I wonder what would happen if…”?
9.     Is your workplace messy?
10.  Are you highly sensitive to the world around you?

Creative people have minds that stretch, allowing them to make connections between disparate concepts. Creativity is not a single entity. Instead it’s a mix of numerous attributes, from curiosity to risk taking. If you answer “yes” to most of the ten questions above, consider yourself a creative soul.

National Geography, Claudia Klab, “The Science of Genius” page 47 ‘Creativity’ September 2018

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